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Checklist of ‘Things to do’ when Moving

When moving for the first time, it is easy to be unsure of which steps to take first and where to go from there. However, we are here to help you with the ultimate checklist of ‘Things to do’ when moving house. Firstly, Find a Good Removalist Company.

We recommend booking through us at 8351 0046, as we provide quality service spanning as far as Port Lincoln and the Riverland. Secondly, create a List of things that will be removed by us, including items going in boxes. Once this is completed, you can request a quote on how much it will cost to deliver you furniture from its origin to the destination.

After you have confirmed your booking with us, you can then collect packing boxes. This will make it easier for us on the moving date, as we will be able to collect the boxes, instead of lots of small items at one time, ultimately speeding up the moving process.

Now the last thing to do is wait for the removal date, ensuring that all boxes are readily packed, and everyone is organized for the move. It is also important that utilities such as water, gas and electricity are all disconnected, and all current bills are paid, so you can avoid having to deal with paperwork etc.

We hope these tips help you in kick-starting your move, and remember if you have any questions feel free to call us!


Tips For Teenagers Moving Out

Moving out of home as a teenager can be very stressful, especially if it is because of any negative relationships with parents/siblings. It is, therefore, extremely important that you try not to make any irrational decisions when it comes to moving out at a young age.

We are here to make sure that this does not happen, as we want what is best for you and your family by providing some simple tips for moving out as a teenager.

Firstly, make sure that moving out is the right move for you. Are you going to be able to afford to live by yourself? Have you organised to move in with anyone else? Are you ready to move away from your family? These are the types of questions we recommend you’re asking yourself before booking with us, in order to avoid the possibility of having to move back home shortly after moving out.

It is also important that you communicate with your family and with us regularly to ensure that the move goes as smoothly as possible. This includes figuring out the planning and budget side of things early, so that you can book with us with plenty of time before the move, in case you change your mind about being ready to move out.

Lastly, here at Borgas, we are willing to help, so in case you have any questions regarding the move or if you need tips, feel free to give us a call at 8351 0046.


The Best Time of the Year to Move

Deciding on what time of the year to move is an important part of the planning process. It can be difficult to choose because of external factors such as work, school, family and anything that can potentially cause delays towards moving house. However, here at Borgas we can assist you in making the right decision that benefits everyone.

We recommend that the best time of the year to move is either Late Spring or after the Christmas Holidays. This is because the summer holidays is generally the busiest time of the year to move, hence prices to acquire removalists is going to be more. It is also hard to find removalists businesses that are open across the Christmas to New Years period. If you’re going to book with us either in the late spring or after the Christmas holidays, the weather is still going to be nice and you will be in your new home going into either the summer holidays or the first term of school.

Another tip is to dictate your move around the school or work holidays. This means that you don’t have to plan and complete your move without having to take time off work, or get your kids to move schools during the school term, which would give little time for your kids or yourselves to say your goodbyes. It is therefore recommended that you complete your move with us during the spring holidays or after the Christmas holidays, so that we, as well as you, are benefited.


Moving With Pets

Are you looking to move house this summer and are not sure what to do with your pets? Here at Borgas, we’ll provide you with some simple and helpful tips on what to do with your pets during what can be stressful times.

Firstly, it is important that you organise a place your for pets to stay if you do not wish to travel with them on the moving day. This can either be in a shelter, with friends or even with family. It is also important that you speak to your local vet for any recommendations of Veterinary Practices near your new home.

Another important thing to remember when moving is to keep your pets (especially dogs and cats) away from the removalists when they are completing their job. It can become a tripping hazard, and when carrying heavy objects, there is a potential that someone, including your pet, may get hurt.

Lastly, when moving homes, it is important that any information regarding phone numbers and addresses is updated on your pets’ microchip. This is something which should be planned in advance to the move, as it will minimize the option of having to think about it during the move. It is also important to make sure that your new home has adequate fencing surrounding the home, otherwise there is a possibility that your pets may get lost.


Safely Lifting Boxes, The Borgas Way

Have you ever wondered what the best way of lifting boxes is without hurting your back? Well, we have the answer. Here at Borgas, we take pride in ensuring the safety of our customers, not only when we are on the job, but when you are preparing for a move.

Boxes can be hard to manipulate, especially when they come in all different sizes and weights, some of which are beyond one’s capabilities.

The following six tips educate the best way to lift boxes when preparing for us to transport your furniture to your final destination:

1. Plant your feet shoulder width apart
2. Get a strong grip on either side of the box with your full hand (not just your fingers)
3. Keep the box close to your body
4. Bend your knees with a straight back (squat position)
5. Lift into an upper position
6. Do steps 1-4 in reverse order when placing the box down

By following these steps, you can ensure that packing up to move with us, either locally, rurally or interstate, will be efficient and most importantly, safe.


Tips For Forward Planning

Are you looking to move house locally or interstate this summer? We’re here to provide the secret to making your moving process much simpler and convenient. And that secret is forward planning. Forward planning is the process of making plans to consider what is likely to happen or be needed in the future.

Here at Borgas Removals and Storage, we can help. This can be done through providing you with the best tips for planning forward and ensuring that your move is successful. The most important step is to make sure that you plan enough time and set targets for your move and secure a specific date for your furniture to be removed. Once this is completed, all you have to do is contact us at Borgas and we will consult you with a time and price that best suits your needs.

Here at Borgas, we ensure a system that allows the removals of home furniture locally, rurally or interstate. We set our standards of delivery and storage to the highest level, allowing your experience with moving house this summer to be as stress-free as possible. By planning forward and contacting Borgas as early as possible, you can now look to plan what is going to be removed and how it can be stored.

We recommend that the easiest way of removing smaller appliances, is to place them into smaller boxes that are categorized through labels (e.g. kid’s rooms/toys, kitchen appliances etc.). Also remember to label any boxes that have fragile items in them, so we can ensure that it is removed and transported with caution.

By following these simple steps, we ensure that your move with us this summer, being locally, rurally or instate, will be a successful one.



Moving Appliances Tips

Electrical appliances are some of the most delicate and expensive things within households, so it’s crucial that you organize a professional removalist company to handle them when moving house. Each of these appliances contain small mechanized parts that require specialist care, as they can be easily damaged during transit. Attempting to move heavy appliances can result in broken appliances, as well as damaged walls and floorboards. Hiring a licensed removalist company, such as Borgas Removals & Storage, is the best option for safe deliveries.

Here are a few tips for preparing to move common household appliances:

One of the most important ‘removal’ appliances is the microwave. Cleaning and drying your microwave is essential, but it’s most important is to pack your microwave plate carefully. Microwave plates are usually made of glass and can become loose and subject to damage during transit. Make sure to clean it, dry it, and secure it with bubble-wrap before packing it separately from the microwave.

Washing Machine
Before the move, make sure to get through all your laundry. You should clear your washing load at least two days before you are planning to pack everything up.

Cleaning, drying, and emptying the machine’s hoses is a very important task to complete before packing your machine. You musty properly dry the machine and then drain out all the water from the hoses. Detach the washing machine from the electricity and put all the wiring inside the machine and close the lid. It’s also worth taping all the wires to the machine rather than dragging them and potentially damaging the power cord. Also check the machine’s instruction manual to see if there are any items you need to secure before moving.

Keep the laundry basket, tub, washing powder, and laundry accessories either inside the machine or within the same box. This saves you from misplacing them, and every little bit helps!

Washing Dryer
Dry your washing dryer and empty its hoses 1-2 days before the move. Make sure to remove all the lint from the filter so that it’s clean and ready for use as soon as it arrives in the new house. Check the original instruction booklet to see whether there are any parts which need to be secured before moving the dryer.

Fridge (defrost and clean)
Start emptying your fridge a few nights before moving. Your fridge should be completely defrosted and dried to save it from smelling. Detach it from the electricity before you start defrosting your fridge, as keeping the fridge doors open while it is turned off will defrost the fridge in no time. Also try cleaning the fridge walls with vinegar to prevent odours. A clean and fresh fridge will help you to reconnect it as soon as you arrive in your new home.

At Borgas Removals & Storage we have trained our employees to deal with heavy appliances in order to avoid strain and injury during your move. Call us for a competitive quote anywhere across rural and metropolitan South Australia and we’ll deliver your appliances (and other household items) with professionalism and care.



Second Hand Furniture – Yes, We Pick Up, Store & Deliver Second Hand Furniture

Recycling and upcycling furniture is a thrifty, practical, and fun way to fill your home with unique items whilst being environmentally conscious! In this process, old furniture can be transformed into something new and second-hand bargains can be re-born into stylish pieces that will compliment your home.

The furniture industry is filled with different textiles, woods, plastics, and resins that can amount to enormous waste capacities. Purchasing second-hand items reduces the demand for new resources and removes plastic packaging wastes. Whilst Borgas Removals & Storage facilitates many new furniture deliveries, we can also assist with picking up, storing, and delivering your second-hand bargains. Whether you’re buying or selling, you can arrange a cost-competitive delivery that will have your furniture in its new home as soon as possible.

We’ll also use industry-grade materials to ensure that the fragile items are delivered in perfect condition, as we understand that these items are one of a kind.

We’ve put together some tips for second-hand shopping here:
– When searching for items, look online through websites such as Gumtree and eBay.

– Browse through your local area for used furniture stores, auctions, garage sales and charity shops.

– If you’re wanting to purchase bulk items, always ask for discount. Many places are willing to offer discounts on several pieces if they’re purchased together.

– If you’re planning on restoring damaged furniture, make sure you budget in the materials needed for restoration such as paint and varnish. This can often cost more than the item’s worth.

– Always inspect second-hand goods before purchasing, as some people will try and sell broken objects that cannot be repaired or that may be rotting.

– When purchasing beds and chairs, always have them cleaned before use to eliminate any bed bugs that may be present.

– Always try out furniture before you buy – open drawers and sit on chairs to make sure hinges and springs are working properly.

– Have dimensions of your space written down before shopping to ensure that you’re only buying furniture that will fit your space.



Weekly Service To The Riverland SA

South Australia’s Riverland is home to Australia’s longest river, the Murray River, and is located between stunning cliff fronts, conservation parks, and picturesque landscapes. The Riverland is located 2-3 hours north-east of Adelaide and 90 minutes west of Victoria. Its major town centers include Renmark, Berri, Loxton, Waikerie, Barmera and Monash, along with many minor townships. The Riverland has a Mediterranean climate with warm, dry summers and relatively mild winters, with temperatures a few degrees above Adelaide.

The Riverland is a great option for people looking to purchase holiday houses, settle into retirement, or experience country living. There are plenty of opportunities for working individuals to gain employment in the Riverland, as it’s Australia’s largest wine-producing region. The Riverland grows over half (63% as of 2014) of South Australia’s wine grapes. The agricultural industry is the Riverland’s largest employer, with approximately 3000 farm-based businesses.

The region fosters advantageous soils, climate, and water supplies to support horticulture production, which has allowed the region to grow a diverse range of crops. As a result, the Riverland boasts some of the best fresh seasonal fruits, as well as unique beers and ciders, and innovative cellar door, brewery and distillery experiences. So whatever tastes or age, there will be something for you in the Riverland!

Borgas Removals & Storage make regular weekly trips to the Riverland offering local moves, backloading services, and new furniture deliveries across all major and minor townships. We can facilitate your move from almost anywhere across regional and metropolitan South Australia. With over 30 years of experience, we can move your beloved furniture to and from the Riverland with professionalism and expertise.



Top Tips for Office Relocations Adelaide

Are looking to upgrade or downgrade your office? We can help. At Borgas Removals & Storage we understand how difficult the relocation process can be, and we’re here to make it as easy as possible. That’s why we’ve put together some helpful tips for executing a stress-free office move. Having a great physical address is crucial for any company’s success, so take time early on to assess which locations will best suit your company’s and client’s needs.

Once a suitable location has been sourced, create a clear timeline of the moving process that can be distributed amongst your staff members – this will help everyone relax. Offices typically require a minimum of 6 months to ensure a smooth transition between locations. This will give you time to update internet and phone services, permits, and insurance policies.

Update your marketing 1-3 months ahead of time to ensure that your shipping and billing addresses are correct. This includes letterheads, signage, business cards, social medias and websites. A few weeks prior to your move, take some time decluttering the office and recruit any trustworthy staff members to assist you, as this will be a time-consuming process.

At Borgas Removals and storage we can facilitate short-distance and long-distance moves all throughout metropolitan and rural South Australia. Contact us as early as possible to arrange your moving day, and we’ll consult with you to determine a time and price that will best suit your company’s needs.



How To Choose The Right Packing Materials For Your Move

Moving house can be an exciting time, however, it’s essential that you spend some time considering which packing materials are required prior to your move. The moving process is one that, if not planned efficiently and with some attention to detail, can result in unwanted damage to your personal possessions. Materials such as cardboard boxes, bubble-wrap, newspapers, and packing tape are relatively inexpensive. Therefore, it’s a good idea to stock up on these items from your local hardware store, such as Bunnings or Mitre 10.

So how do you ensure your materials are up to scratch – to avoid a scratch? Here are some helpful tips for selecting materials and executing the packing process.

1. When purchasing packing materials, make sure to choose both lightweight and heavyweight boxes.

2. Items such as ornaments and other breakables should be packed into smaller boxes and lined with bubble wrap.

3. Cut up some of the cardboard boxes to create inner-dividers and place between small items for extra protection.

4. Make sure your items are packed closely together, as this will minimize room for movement and breakage on the road.

5. Seal each box with strong packing tape, ensuring that the tape covers all sides of the box to prevent collapse.

Borgas Removals and Storage will provide industry-grade packing blankets to ensure that larger furniture, without boxes, remain protected during the move. It’s important that smaller items are packed prior to our arrival, as this will save time and money on the day. These packing measures will ensure that your possessions are protected all the way from A to Z.


Moving To Port Lincoln Or Moving From Port Lincoln Back To Adelaide?

Port Lincoln is emerging as one of South Australia’s most vibrant and prosperous regional centers, located in the southern Eyre Peninsula. It fosters one of the largest protected natural harbors in the world, being three times larger than the Sydney Harbor. Port Lincoln is filled with incredible seafood, beautiful wines, ocean adventures, wildlife experiences, award-winning tours, and an abundance of everyday activities to keep the locals occupied. If you’re searching for a change of scene, Port Lincoln could be the answer for you.

The region is renowned both domestically and internationally for its premium seafood products, which can be attributed to the marketing success of their trademark brand: ‘Eyre Peninsula – Australia’s Seafood Frontier’. This reputation has been built on sound environmental management, sustainability, aquaculture development and entrepreneurship. South Australian Premier Steven Marshall has also announced a project named ‘Southern Launch’ which will increase the region’s economic prosperity by increasing tourism and employment from late 2019.

Borgas Removals and Storage undertakes weekly trips to Port Lincoln, assisting local moves and offering backloading services. We can move people’s homes from Adelaide or regional South Australia to Port Lincoln for a competitive price. We’re also familiar with the region, meaning we’ll be there on time and can assist you with settling into the area. Give us a call today to discuss your options.



Moving The Elderly

Moving a parent or loved one into assisted living can be an emotional process for everyone involved. They may be mourning the loss of their independence and stepping out of their comfort zone. Moving into a retirement home usually means downsizing, which means that their old dining room table and other sentimental items probably can’t come.

What can come, however, is an abundance of photo albums, books, nick-nacks, blankets, and other small yet valuable items. These are often fragile, and you’ll want to be careful when moving them. That’s why you should consider hiring a removalist team to complete the job. Borgas Removals & Storage can facilitate any kind of move, whether large or small, from all over Adelaide and regional South Australia.

We have plenty of experience moving elderly family members and understand that some jobs require emotional care. We can facilitate your parents move with smaller teams and industry-approved packing materials to keep their sentimental items protected during the move. We can also store larger furniture at our Clarence Gardens Depot for a competitive weekly price until the items are ready to be sold or redistributed.

We’ll work with your family and communicate efficiently to ensure that the transition occurs smoothly with minimal stress.



Selling or Storing Your Furniture

Are you moving to a new house and can’t decide whether to sell or store your furniture? There are several benefits to both options, and we’re here to help you decide which works best for you. First things first, are you downsizing? If so, you’re likely to own too much furniture for your new space. Here’s where you need to decide the value of your items; do they possess monetary, practical, or sentimental value?

Ask yourself these questions:
Will this item physically fit within the new space?
Does it reflect the style of my new home?
Will I be able to use this furniture in years to come?
Are there any valued memories attached to this item?

If you find yourself answering yes to these questions, you should probably keep the furniture. If not, you should consider hosting a garage sale, creating an ad on Gumtree, or contacting your friends and family to recycle your furniture before the move. On the other hand, storage facilities make great options for families with large sentimental items that don’t suit the style of their new home. As selling furniture is a permanent solution, it might be best to keep your items in storage until you’re certain about your decision. Borgas Removals and Storage can hold your valued furniture for a competitive weekly price, invoiced monthly or 3-monthly, so that you can keep your items without compromising the aesthetic of your new home.

Our Clarence Gardens Depot is conveniently located within 15 minutes of Adelaide’s city central, but we hold furniture from all over South Australia with a no lock-in contract, short or long term.



10 things you might forget to do before moving day (which you shouldn’t!)

1. Sort through your household belongings and return borrowed items (such as library books or your friend’s t-shirt). You wouldn’t want to move long-distance before realizing and have to mail things back! Likewise, pick up items that family and friends have borrowed from you.

2. Declutter and minimalize your life by removing and donating any items that you haven’t worn or used within the last year. If you didn’t use it last year, you’re not likely to use it this year! This also applies to non-functional furniture.

3. Check your kitchen and bathroom cupboards for expired goods. There’s no point throwing something away from the other end when it can be done now!

4. Check for redundant paper work and out-of-date magazines/newspapers and dispose of them. You can simply take a photo of your favorite articles or browse for an online copy.

5. Clean out your garage and contact your local council on how to correctly dispose of any toxic/flammable wastes. This includes all paint, oil, and aerosols, which can be dangerous and unnecessary to travel with.

6. Back up your computer and other electrical devices onto a hard drive. This will ensure that you have copies of your most precious images and files, incase your device becomes lost or damaged during the move.

7. Drain your kitchen appliances and hoses so that they don’t leak during transit.

8. Be a good neighbor and consider hosting a farewell BBQ before you leave!

9. Pack an overnight bag. Even if you’re moving early during the day you may become too exhausted to sort through your belongings on arrival. It’s more work now, but you’ll thank yourself later.

10. Lastly, get plenty of sleep the night before. Keep your coffee machine unpacked and set your alarm early enough to keep on top of the day before your removalist team arrives!



New Furniture Delivery Service Adelaide & Regional SA

Have you ordered new furniture? Do you need it delivered to your home or office? At Borgas Removals & Storage we have hundreds of industry connections with new and used furniture stores across South Australia. We can pick up both in-store and online furniture orders to be delivered on our weekly run across the Riverland, Iron Triangle and Eyre Peninsula.

If you’re browsing in-store and need our quote to make your decision, mention Borgas Removals & Storage to your salesman and you can receive an on-the-spot quote for your future purchase. If you decide to purchase new furniture prior to your move, we can pick up your items and store them at our Clarence Gardens Depot until the delivery date, whether short-term or long-term.

At Borgas Removals & Storage we take great care in professionally wrapping and storing your new furniture within our truck right from pickup. We use industry approved blankets and wrapping materials to keep your items from being damaged during travel. Borgas ensures a safe and efficient pickup and relocation of your new and used furniture.

We can also place your items in specific rooms of the house to minimize your workload and maximize our team’s value. When you purchase at a furniture store you can choose to pay the retailer on the spot for our delivery fees, making the process even easier for you.
So mention Borgas Removals & Storage during checkout for quotes and delivery dates, or call us directly on 8351 0046.



Why should you hire a professional removalist team when you can do it yourself?

We all know that moving houses can be an expensive process, so you may be tempted to make shortcuts here and there. You might consider hiring a trailer and gathering a team of family and friends to save costs on professionals.

Unfortunately when moving houses, hire trucks and trailers charge half-day and full-day rates. At Borgas Removals & Storage we charge hourly rates for local moves and provide fixed prices for long-distance moves. When you hire your own truck or trailer, you’re likely to be making multiple trips back and forth between houses. Not only is this a tedious process, but its also costly as you’ll be paying for several tanks of petrol. Your items are also likely to get scratched and damaged during the trip without professional fitting. You wouldn’t want to move into a new house with broken furniture, would you?

There is also a safety aspect to hiring a professional removalist team. At Borgas Removals & Storage our team members have years of experience and training behind them. This means that they are better equipped to move heavy furniture than your DIY team. Hiring a professional team eliminates the possibility of self-injury and furniture damage, which is priceless.

Lastly, you will also be granted peace of mind when hiring a removalist team, as we’re guaranteed to be there on time with the correct equipment. Need more convincing? Give us a call today and we can discuss the benefits of hiring Borgas Removals & Storage for your move.



Are you relocating? Moving office? Expert office relocations, completed on time and without business disruption by Borgas Removals & Storage

Borgas Removals & Storage provide professional office relocation services across both urban and rural South Australia. Our experienced staff can move your workplace furniture and electronics from one location to another with great care and efficiency – no matter how close or far. Moving offices doesn’t have to be difficult, at Borgas Removals & Storage we can provide you with a full-service team to complete your work within one day. We also offer weekend services for office relocations to ensure that your move is completed without interrupting business as usual. If you’d prefer a slower relocation process, we can store your items at our Clarence Gardens Depot until your new space is ready. As a business, we understand that time management is the key to success. This is why we will communicate with you throughout the whole process to ensure that any interruptions, inconveniences or costs are minimized.

Whether you’re moving 1-2 people or a few hundred, Borgas Removals & Storage can get the job done. We’ve facilitated office moves from the Barossa, Whyalla, Port Lincoln, Adelaide, and much more! At Borgas we can move items from different building levels and place them in their correct rooms, eliminating the need for any extra work from you. If you’re downsizing, we can also dispose of your furniture and electronic waste in an environmentally friendly manner. So if you’re looking at relocating an office, give us a call on 08 8351 0046 to discuss quotes and logistics today.



Moving within towns – local moves – regional removalists – metro Adelaide and rural South Australia

Are you moving into a new home, but staying within the same town? Borgas Removals & Storage doesn’t just facilitate long distance moves – we can also move you from one street to the next! Whether you’re upgrading, downgrading, or anything in-between, Borgas can move your home with ease. We operate on a weekly basis within Adelaide, the Riverland, Iron Triangle and Eyre Peninsula, allowing ample opportunities to work on your preferred date. Local moves can also occur over a number of days, allowing room for back and forth movement and lower stress levels for you.

Our local moves are significantly cheaper than long-distance moves as we only charge an hourly rate. During local moves you can save money by packing and loading smaller items into your own car and trailer before we arrive. You can then leave the bigger items and heavy lifting to the professionals.

At Borgas Removals & Storage our vehicles are equipped with industry standard protection devices to ensure your prized possessions are secure and safe when moving both locally and regionally. Our friendly and experienced staff take great care in loading and unloading your household items, and can even place your furniture in specific rooms. We also facilitate short-distance office relocations, relieving workplace stress and completing time-consuming jobs.

If you’re upgrading your home or office, Borgas can pick-up in-store or online furniture orders from any Adelaide or regional warehouse and deliver to your new location. We have hundreds of industry connections around South Australia that can ease this process. If you’re downsizing, however, Borgas can remove and store your old furniture at our Adelaide depot for a competitive weekly price. We can also dispose of unwanted furniture at an Adelaide tip, saving you time and heavy lifting. Give us a call today for a quote or to start organizing your move.



Move with a removalist that provides storage options – Moving interstate? – Moving regionally? – We’ll take care of it!

Moving interstate can be a daunting and stressful process, especially if you’re moving from a regional town. You may be asking yourself, where do I even start? Well I’m here to let you know that Borgas Removals & Storage can facilitate your move from the early stages until final settlement. We differ from other removalist companies because we provide storage services from our Adelaide depot, allowing you to move with peace of mind knowing that your items are safely stored. If your move is temporary, you may want to consider packing lightly and making the most of our storage facilities until you’re certain about your move.

Borgas Removals & Storage can facilitate any interstate move from Adelaide, the Riverland, Iron Triangle and Eyre Peninsula towns to Melbourne and rural Victoria. Our door-to-door services will take the stress out of your move so that you can focus on yourself and family.

The secret to moving interstate is planning ahead to eliminate as much stress as possible. Here at Borgas Removals & Storage we offer interim storage services, which can be useful if you’re moving into a rental property. When buying and selling your property, it’s a good idea to allow a few days in-between moving out and moving into your new home. Interstate settlements don’t always go as planned for many reasons. At Borgas, we have been in these uncomfortable situations where settlements don’t play out as planned. This can be avoided if settlement dates leave room for the unexpected and storage facilities are planned ahead.

So if you’re thinking of moving interstate, give us a call and we can assist in planning and executing your move at a competitive price. Our friendly staff can also provide some helpful tips and tricks for your move.


Regular Backloading Services – Destinations We Move To – How To Save Money Moving With Borgas Removals

Borgas Removals & Storage offers backloading as a cheaper alternative for moving locally and interstate. The term ‘backloading’ refers to the filling of a moving truck on return from its full-service removalist job. Backloading services are typically inexpensive, as you must remain flexible with our pre-existing schedule. If our backloading schedule does not align with yours, however, Borgas offers a storage service that can hold your beloved items safely until you’re ready to move. We offer backloading services from the Riverland, Iron Triangle and Eyre Peninsula towns on a weekly basis. If you are moving interstate we can also accommodate. Borgas Removals & Storage offers removalist services in Victoria, including Melbourne, Geelong, Bendigo and more. If you are looking at moving further north towards Sydney, we can also arrange this for you.

Backloading is both efficient and economical, as it optimizes our truck’s productivity by keeping it full across both directions of our trip. It also allows you to take advantage of short notice availability, rather than waiting for the next full-service removalist job. Backloading is the simplest way to make savings on a removalist job without compromising the service quality. You can rest assured knowing that Borgas Removals & Storage are handling your items with great care and professionalism, regardless of which service you’re using. Call us today to find out more about our backloading services and enquire about our schedule.


Whyalla is growing – How Borgas Removals and Storage can Facilitate your Move
Have you heard the news? Whyalla is expanding. Recently, significant plans for Whyalla to facilitate the largest steelworks operation in the Western World was announced. These developments will see a new generation of steelmakers pushing to ‘’transform Whyalla into both an Australian and global powerhouse of industry for generations to come’’. With the population expected to boom, this will allow the Whyalla City Council and businesses to have more confidence to plan for the future.

Developments such as a new $45 million hotel, $145 million horticulture operation and an organic recycling business are just a few projects that are anticipated for Whyalla. This means that thousands of job opportunities will be created throughout the construction phase and ongoing operations. So, if you’re looking for change, Whyalla could be the answer for you!

Borgas Removals and Storage can facilitate any household or office move within Adelaide or regional South Australia.  We deliver new furniture and provide a removalist service to Whyalla on a weekly basis.
Because of this, we are well equipped to move customers within the local Whyalla region. Our qualified and experienced staff will move you and your possessions without any stress or worry.

Local deliveries from Whyalla stores can also be accommodated when you’re buying locally. Backloading can also be offered at a cheaper price if you’re looking at leaving the area. Moving can be made easy with our friendly team at Borgas, helping you settle quickly and comfortably at a competitive price. Call Borgas Removals and Storage today on (08) 8351 0046 to book your move.


Helpful Tips On moving – Packing
When planning your move, packing is one of the most stressful steps in moving house and as removalists, we have received the last minute request to assist in packing a home for a move either across the city, interstate or into storage.
The key is preparation and if a little is done every day, the move will be a lot smoother for the removalists and less stressful on you.
Here are our tips:
Start now
As soon as you’re aware that you’re going to be moving house, start the packing process. You’ll need your packing materials at the ready to go so you can hit the ground running and get the packing done.
Clear the clutter now so you don’t spend time and money moving the things you don’t need. Although it might seem like a better idea to quickly pack everything you own into the box, it’s only going to add to the stress and work of unpacking at your new home.
Gather supplies
Get your packing supplies ready for the packing process. That includes quality moving boxes in a range of sizes, tape, protective packaging such as bubble wrap and permanent markers to write on boxes. At Borgas Removals we sell packing supplies including the ever-popular wardrobe boxes that eliminates the need to take clothes off hangers.
Donate to charity
Your quality unwanted goods can easily be donated to a charity who would welcome an influx of pre-loved items.
Protect your things
Knowing how to effectively pack to prevent damage is a skill that professional removalists master over time. Drinking glasses and crockery, art, mirrors and books are some of the most fragile and common items in every household. Although they’re small, they’re not as easily protected from damages as you think. Take the time to ensure your things are protected when packing.
In our next bog, we’ll be discussing the importance of quality packing materials.
Prioritise your packing
Sort out what you can pack now and what you’re going to need right up until the day you have to move out. The big ticket items you can leave for the removalists to wrap and protect on moving day.
Label your boxes
Help make the unpack of your new home easier and more efficient by labelling your boxes properly. Use a system that makes sense to you. This might be the room where the box is to be placed written on the outside of the box, such as kitchen, bathroom, master bed.
Sell unwanted items online
Make a bit of extra cash and sell your unwanted items on Gumtree, Facebook Marketplace or have an online garage sale. Your unwanted item may be someone else’s treasure.
Pack your overnight bag
Pack you and the family a convenient overnight bag filled with the essential items and things you’ll need on your first day and night in the new house. Don’t forget to include things like toilet paper, a change of clothes and your phone and ipad charger and a kettle for tea or coffee.
Dispose of food and dangerous goods
You won’t be able to pack dangerous goods with you when moving with a removalist so dispose of those now. This includes fertilisers, fuel, pool chemicals, sharp objects and some plant and animal products. It’s also time now to dispose of any extra food and defrost the freezer.
Pack the moving vehicle
Now that your boxes are packed, it’s time to pack them into your moving vehicle. If you’re planning on driving your own vehicle to your new home, hire a removalist to take care of the transportation for you.
Not sure you can get your entire home packed in time for the move? Get in touch with Borgas Removals and let us take care of it for you.



The Importance of Quality Packing Materials
For many people moving house, the idea of items breaking in transit feels inevitable. From shattered television screens to cracked wine glasses, the feeling of unpacking a box to find a treasured item in pieces is awful. So, what can be done about it? For the most part, breakages in transit are caused by two main factors; human error and inadequate packing materials.

The first can be addressed by working with a trusted removalist such as Borgas Removals. The second can be a little more difficult. At Borgas Removals, we have been helping families across regional South Australia in particular the Riverland and the Eyre Peninsula in the moving process for over 30 years, managing to maintain a fantastic track record for safe, professional handling and transport. Let’s take a look at the importance of quality packing materials and how to ensure that your possessions are safe and secure.

Preparing Your Padding
Your padding materials are the first line of defence in your packing arsenal. This is the packing material that will protect the contents of your box from shifting and moving around within its box. When choosing your packing material for packing, it’s important to consider the items you’re trying to protect.

For example, newspaper has been a popular padding material for decades. However, while it will provide a layer of defence, it can also be surprisingly abrasive at times. So, if you’re looking to avoid damage on items that are easily scratched and scuffed, it’s best to use a softer material, such as foam. Whilst it may be a more expensive choice, it is going to provide you with the most protection. Other high-quality packing materials include:
1.    Bubble wrap
2.    Professional wrapping and packing paper
3.    Air packing pillows

Quality Boxes
Have you ever been carrying a cardboard box, only for the bottom to fall out? This is an issue that we’ve seen many a DIY mover experience, and it’s one that is easily avoidable with the right preparation. As the main barrier between your possessions and the outside world, your moving boxes need to be of the utmost quality.

If possible, avoid using the same boxes from one move to the next. Moving boxes can easily degrade over time, especially if they aren’t kept in the most pristine location, such as a garage. Plus, dirt and dust can quickly build up inside your box, which can be abrasive when rubbing against your packed items.

By using new boxes that have been specifically designed to withstand the moving process, you are giving yourself the best chance of avoiding unnecessary damage during transit.

Moving Fragile Items
While most items can make it through being dropped or scuffed with minimal cosmetic damage, this isn’t the case for everything. Fragile items, especially ones made from glass, are at the most risk for damage.

In our next blog, we’ll be discussing tips for packing treasured items and ornaments.

Wine Glasses
From material to design, wine glasses seem to be the antithesis of durability. So, simply placing them in an old box with other items is likely to end in chips, cracks, or even shattering. This is one instance where high-quality packing supplies are vital, and if possible, you should try to find purpose designed boxes. Aside from a box made for fragile items, soft tissue, tape, and bubble wrap will also be required to ensure safe passage for your crystal.

Unlike most items that can simply be boxed away or slid into the van, a large mirror is always going to be a struggle when trying to move one yourself. Due to being thin and highly fragile, special precautions need to be put in place to ensure their safe passage to your new home. To achieve this, you’ll need packing tape, corner protectors, a fitted box, and some form of padding preferably moving blankets. Borgas Removals provides moving blankets and has experience in transporting large mirrors during the house or office moving process.

So, why is it important that these packing materials are of high quality? While it may seem like things like packing tape are the same regardless of cost or quality, the durability of these materials can vary greatly. Packing tape is an excellent example of this, given that tape unsticking at an inopportune time can quickly spell disaster when moving. Remember to test the stickiness and durability of your tape prior to using it for packing, as this will potentially save you a lot of heartache later down the line.

If you’re looking to hire a trusted moving specialist to assist in your next adventure, contact Borgas Removals today!


What makes a great removalist company?
At Borgas Removals and storage, we understate that any move, be it interstate, local or even across the street, can be a stressful time. This process however can be made easier if you screen, communicate with and ultimately trust your removalist. You can avoid the stress by following a few steps.

Recommendations from other customers or businesses
Removalists who are good at what they do will have satisfied customers who will provide positive feedback regarding the service they received. Additionally, even if there was a sour note, it is important to know the company was quick to resolve any difficulties that could have impacted your domestic or commercial move.
To look for what a removalist’s customers have to say about them, look for directory websites. Most of these sites have listings where people are able to leave comments or feedback. Another way to find word-of-mouth recommendations for a great removalist is from friends, neighbours, family or even your previous experience with the company you may have had in the past. At Borgas Removals and Storage, we have many repeat customers in the local, Riverland, Eyre Peninsula area based on their knowledge of our service delivery.

Great removalists have good credentials. Check how long the company has been operating and what their experience is witha particular service that you require of them. At Borgas Removals and Storage, we have been moving and delivering to the Riverland, the Iron Triangle and the Eyre Peninsula and surrounds for over 20 years. We also offer storage and have a network of contacts that can manage your interstate and international move.

We are continually looking at areas of improvement and have been working with Adelaide retailers to ensure your goods are delivered in a timely manner and in excellent condition.

Finally, it is the people who make our business with a few drivers having worked with Borgas for over 10 and 20 years. A proven track record is what you are looking for.

Transparent in their charges
Great removalists always ensure their customers know what they are paying for. At Borgas Removals and Storage, you are always provided with a clear cost and no additional hidden charges. Honesty and communication goes both ways and you being upfront about how much you are moving, ensures no-one is shocked or surprised.

Other companies will give quotes without providing all of the details of the costs. These “hidden fees” may include certain services you weren’t aware of or didn’t need during the move. The right removalists will be transparent with their charges and will not surprise you with additional fees.

Moving to a new house can be risky for your belongings and the workers who transport them. At Borgas Removals and storage we highly recommend your home and contents insurer provide coverage for your items during the move as we provide insurance for our people and trucks.
If you have furniture in storage with us, we do offer insurance. Just call Borgas Removals and Storage to discuss your options with us.
Contact us on (08) 8351 0046 to discuss your move or fill out the furniture inventory list which is found on this page


How to help your Removalist
Furniture removalists such as Borgas Removals and Storage are there to make the transition to your new house easier on you and your family. There are ways you can help them in order to reduce the time it takes to transfer your belongings and ensure the job is done right.

Clean out the cupboards
Moving is an opportune time for everyone to find and discard any items they do not use anymore, particularly in their cupboards and internal storage areas. The space in your car and the removalist truck is precious. You don’t want unused items to fill the space. We recommend you leave 2 bags in every room – one for rubbish, one for donation. This will allow everyone in the house to easily discard any unused items and donate used items, such as clothes, books and toys. Having less belongings to pack will help your removalists save time and space.

Personal items packed before the removalist arrives
Once they arrive, the removalists will be busy moving everything to their truck. Still packing your belongings while they are lifting heavy furniture, or having items that could have been packed still loose, can slow down the process. Ensure all personal items such as clothes, bed linen, toys, the kitchen and toiletries not travelling with you are already packed and ready to be transported before the removalists arrive at your house.
Borgas Removals and Storage provide a Packing Service to help with the often tedious task of wrapping and packing. This is best done a week or so prior to the scheduled move, not on the day. We can also organise boxes of varying sizes to make your packing easier.

Book in advance
Ensuring your removalists will be ready for the date of your move is very important. Try to book a few weeks if not a month ahead. If you’re planning to move on a weekend or holiday, book your removalists at least a month early as getting one on these dates can be a challenge. Last minute bookings may leave you disappointed and frustrated and attract a premium charge from some carriers. Remember, plan, plan, plan.

Provide clear instructions in moving your belongings
Your removalists will not know all the details of your furniture and where it is to go once delivered to your new home. Inform them which items may need extra care and provide direction as to where you would like your furniture placed as the removalists carry items into your new home. A good idea is to put coloured stickers on boxes and furniture that needs to go in certain rooms. This way, the removalists can place your items in the rooms you want them in. Communication is the key. At Borgas Removals and Storage, our team has had many years of experience doing this however each home and each move is individual.

When you are looking for trusted removalists, contact Borgas Removals and Storage. Call us on (08) 8351 0046 to discuss your moving needs.


Storage Tips – Excess or spare furniture is a great asset to have during the holiday season and for parties however for the majority of the year, it probably gets in the way. If you don’t have the space to store it, that’s where Borgas Storage services comes in handy. We provide a convenient and easy solution to declutter your home of spare furniture. Simply give us a call to book your storage space, no matter how small or big. So let’s get packing. Here are our tips to storing your excess furniture.

Clean it
It’s always best to clean your furniture before packing it into a storage box as nothing will be able to grow while it sits in an enclosed space. Avoid mould by making sure the furniture is dry before packing. Cleaning your furniture will also prevent odours from travelling to nearby storage boxes and prevent the amount of dust from growing in your storage space.

Take it apart
Where you can, disassemble your furniture. This way you’ll be able to maximise the space in your storage box. Disassembling your furniture also makes it easier to move and pack the items. If you get loose bolts, screws or other small items after disassembling the pieces, put them in a clearly labelled bag and store them in a secure place within the storage box, such a taping it to an underside of an item.

Cover it up
Use old sheets, blankets, drop cloths or plastic wraps (and bubble wrap for fragile items) to cover your furniture and protect it from dust and moisture. Take care not to wrap furniture with thick plastic covers that will seal in moisture as this will create condensation and the furniture will eventually swell or mould. Make sure your furniture can breathe.

It’s how you pack it
Have a strategy for packing your spare furniture that takes into account the weight, size and importance of the furniture. If you need to access the furniture soon, be sure to pack it at the front of the box. If your chairs weigh more than the table, don’t pack them on top of the table. Think about the shape of your furniture too so you can maximise the space you’re working with.

Safety first
Don’t lift anything that you can’t handle as you’ll risk hurting yourself. Always make your personal safety a priority. To move large and heavy pieces of furniture around, always use a trolley. If you’re still not comfortable or if the furniture item is bulky, speak to Borgas Removals and Storage about our helpful packing and loading service. Not only will we do the heavy lifting for you, we’ll also wrap and protect it for you, keeping it safe and secure while in storage.

Borgas Removals and Storage offer a packing service for your spare furniture to protect it in its current state and prevent damage to any other items in your storage box. Call Borgas Removals and Storage today on (08) 8351 0046 to discuss your storage needs.